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NEW MUSIC: the Chad Holmes² EP is available now.

The Chad Holmes² EP, comprised of “Black Umbrella,” “Call Me,” and “You Fools,” is now available and guaranteed to improve your life. An evolution in Chad’s unique sound, the likes of Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine,...

Coming soon: Chad Holmes² EP

We’re excited to announce that the Chad Holmes² EP is complete, and will be available within the next few weeks.

Embrace Fear | Soundtrack by Chad Holmes

Recently Team Froglogic, headed by former US Navy SEAL, motivational speaker, and behavioral training specialist David Rutherford, reached out to Chad about the possibility of scoring their upcoming 8-part video series Embrace Fear. Inspired by Rutherford’s...

Debut EP: Chad Holmes¹ now available

His debut offering, a confederation of 3 singles (New Sound, Barrelhouse, Gravitas), is now available for public consumption. It’s a sound being described as, “…a Led Zeppelin, White …

Dig it: The Verve List

The Verve List is a growing collection of Chad’s influences and favorites, meticulously curated. In the mass of static noise which has become the digital universe, it’s a filter serving up the…


Whether the snarl of his 1970’s junkyard bobber or the raspy growl of his Fender, the sonic theme of Chad’s life is unapologetically gritty and irreverent. His music reflects the way he approaches his life: with a focus on authenticity, a demand for independence, and a renegade attitude bent on challenging authority. Paying homage to artists ranging from Led Zeppelin to Trent Reznor to R.L. Burnside to Beck, Chad’s music embraces a vintage sound with one arm, while the other pulls from the digital vibe… …READ MORE

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