Whether the snarl of his 1970s junkyard bobber or the raspy growl of his Fender, the sonic theme of Chad’s life is unapologetically gritty and irreverent. His music reflects the way he approaches his life: with a focus on authenticity, a demand for independence, and a renegade attitude bent on challenging authority. Paying homage to artists ranging from Led Zeppelin to Trent Reznor to R.L. Burnside to Beck, Chad’s music embraces a vintage sound with one arm, while the other pulls from the digital vibe.

After brief stints as a student and starving Nashville musician, Chad served the U.S. military for seven years. He began writing, recording, and producing music from a new perspective, an undertaking made possible by his discovery of the digital recording potential using portable electronics. It was here, from inside dusty trailers in the deserts of war-torn countries, that Chad unearthed and cultivated his sound.

With a nod to its military-born origins and Chad’s convictions, much of his music incorporates strong political commentary, resolute self-determinism, and rebellious inclinations. Ten years after first arriving in Nashville, one critic has coined his versatile style as “the new old-school.” Another, “Dangerous.”

The latest EP, “Chad Holmes²” is confrontational and message laden. Within Holmes’ unique sound is heard influence from Zeppelin, Reznor, The Doors, and The Black Keys among others. Holmes’ music seeks to provoke and challenge with its heavy political criticism and social commentary.

“I aim to selectively challenge, offend, and applaud across the entire spectrum. I want to give a voice to the informed, motivated, and independent thinkers, who aren’t afraid to speak the honest truth and see solutions divorced from partisan dogma… Perhaps this is the new counterculture.” C.H.

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